Here to listen and help you!

Here to listen and help you!

Attorneys Doug & Todd are busy today in Denver and Jefferson County courts helping clients on sex offenses, a DUI and sealing old criminal records.

Call us today at 720-445-9779 for help with criminal defense and family law matters.

Happy Friday, everyone. Douglas Cohen from Peak Legal Services, LLC here. Right behind me is the old Denver courthouse. What a beautiful building.

We had three great outcomes today in Peak Legal Services cases.

One is a misdemeanor case where my client, who is an educator, is going to be able to keep her license and avoid a permanent conviction.

Another one is a felony invasion of privacy case that will be brought down to a misdemeanor non-sexual offense. My client is a great guy who is really deserving of that.

In the third case, a DUI case, my partner Todd is working very hard on over in the Denver courthouse.

Have a great weekend! Just wanted to update everybody.

Call Doug and Todd now at 720-445-9779 for a consultation on your case.

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