Common Law Marriage

At Peak Legal, we understand that families can look different to different people. As our laws still primarily recognize traditional arrangements, you may need specialized representation for your non-traditional family law needs, such as:

  • Domestic partnership agreements
  • Cohabitation agreements
  • Donor insemination contracts
  • Surrogacy contracts
  • Dissolution mediation services for same-sex partners
  • Allocation of parental responsibilities between same-sex partners
  • Creation of parenting plans for same-sex partners
  • Step-parent adoption

Common Law Marriage

Colorado is one of a few states that fully recognize common law marriage. Common law marriages are legal and binding, even without any license or documentation.
In Colorado, to be common law married, you must:

  1. Live together (contrary to common perception, there is no time requirement); and,
  2. Hold yourselves out to be married
    • Refer to your partner as your spouse and both agree that you are a married couple
    • Maintain joint ownership of property
    • Maintain joint bank account(s)
    • Filing of joint income tax returns
    • Mutual financial support
    • Registration as spouses on applications, contracts, leases
    • Use of a shared last name

The Peak Legal team can also help in case you wish to terminate your common law marriage. Because Colorado does not have a common law dissolution statute, the process of filing to end a common law marriage is the same as filing to end a documented marriage.

The same issues of division of assets and property, child custody and decision-making, and spousal maintenance will arise as in a divorce following a ceremonial marriage. You need a legal team that will be with you through the difficult and sometimes overwhelming process of dissolving your common law marriage.

Call Peak Legal now for support with your common law or same-sex marriage at (720) 445-9779.

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