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A conviction for driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while ability impaired (DWAI) can have significant impacts on your life. You can meet these charges head-on by working with a Denver DUI attorney.

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DUI vs. DWAI Charges in Denver

Many people use the terms DUI and DWAI interchangeably in Denver. However, these terms refer to two different criminal acts. Drivers can face DUI charges if the police accuse them of operating a motor vehicle with a blood alcohol content (BAC) of 0.08% or higher.

DWAI charges, on the other hand, apply if a driver gets pulled over with a BAC over 0.05% but under 0.08%. Technically, DWAI charges are less severe than a DUI accusation, but both of these charges can lead to fines, the loss of your license, and even incarceration.

A Denver DUI attorney can help you proactively address both DUI and DWAI allegations.

DUI and DWAI Arrests in Denver

Police officers can charge drivers who operate a vehicle under the influence of alcohol with a DUI or DWAI. Officers use several tests to measure a driver’s BAC. In many cases, drivers must choose between blood tests and breath tests.

You can legally refuse a “preliminary” breath test in the state of Colorado in some situations. However, everyone under 21 must complete these preliminary tests. Drivers give express consent to take either a blood or breath test following an arrest.

Drivers who refuse a legally ordered BAC test can face several serious consequences, including:

  • Automatic license suspension
  • Entry into a treatment program
  • Orders to use an ignition interlock device (IID)

Furthermore, many prosecutors attempt to use a refusal to take a BAC test as a sign that a driver was under the influence at the time of their arrest.

DUI attorneys can help you handle these allegations. Your attorney can step in to dispute the results of a “failed” blood or breath test in some situations. You can learn more about ways to handle the results of your BAC test with our law firm.

The Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and DUIs

You can face criminal charges after a DUI or DWAI arrest in Denver. You can also end up facing a hearing at the DMV. The DMV sometimes sends out a Notice of Revocation after a DUI arrest, especially if a driver refused a BAC test.

You can request a hearing with the DMV after receiving the Notice of Revocation, but you only have seven days to request your hearing. Drivers who do not ask for a hearing have their license suspended automatically.

Our team can support you in court, and we understand the strategies that work during DMV hearings in Denver.

Results of a DUI or DWAI Conviction in Denver

The court system in Denver can hand down harsh punishments for drivers convicted of a DWAI or a DUI. Many drivers face fines and incarceration, as well as the suspension of their driver’s license. Additionally, insurance companies usually raise their rates for drivers with DUIs on their records.

Other organizations also consider a driver’s criminal record. For example, many institutes of higher education in Denver decline to accept students who have a DUI. Some companies also prefer not to hire employees with a history of DUIs or DWAIs.

Drivers involved with an accident before the arrest can face harsher penalties. The court also uses additional penalties for drivers convicted of further traffic violations, like reckless driving or speeding.

Let Us Handle Your DUI or DWAI Defense

Our team stands ready to provide you with a defense against DUI or DWAI charges in Denver. We can take steps to show that the police officer stopped you without reasonable cause, which may allow us to take steps to have your charges dismissed.

In other situations, our lawyers dispute the result of BAC testing. These tests can return inaccurate results if they are not administered properly. We can take steps to raise a reasonable doubt about the results of either a breath or blood test. Let us focus on your defense today.

Contact a DUI Attorney in Denver

A Denver DUI attorney can take charge of your legal case immediately. You can contact our team at Peak Legal Services after your arrest. We will go to bat for you when you call us at (720) 445-9779.

Additional information on how Peak Legal can assist you with your DUI or DWAI case in or near Cheyenne, Wyoming is available here.



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