Client Testimonials

Sex Crimes

“I was arrested and charged with two sex offenses. When I was released on bond, I was court ordered not to have contact with my family or any minors. I was living in a hotel and being investigated by CPS. Doug was able to convince the judge to remove the protection order and reunite me with my family. He swiftly handled CPS and was with me every step of the way. As my case progressed, Doug was able to negotiate with the DA to drop both charges for a low level misdemeanor. So I went from facing years in prison and registering as a sex offender to a fine and some community service. Doug essentially made this nightmare go away. I was able to keep my job, protect my family, and live my life.”


“My family was very fortunate to have hired Douglas Cohen and Peak Legal Services, LLC for representation in a sex offender criminal case. Mr. Cohen was extremely knowledgeable and kind throughout the case, and very skilled in court. He went above and beyond to help us and was always available when we had any questions or concerns. Through his unrelenting efforts, he was able to reduce a sentence that could’ve been a life term to minimal jail time and probation, served back home with family in our home state. We are forever grateful to him and his team. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for an attorney to execute nothing less than excellent results!”


DUI/DWAI and Traffic

Mr. Cohen went above and beyond what I expected from a lawyer. He represented my son in a DUI case. Living in New York and having the hearings in Denver, I expected the worst. Mr. Cohen kept our travel to a minimum and kept in constant communication every step of the way. He treated my son as if he was his own, as I was unable to travel [due] to health reasons. He put my son on a proactive course, directing him all the way, which helped getting the charges reduced. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend his services to any friend or family member.”


“Todd Narum represented me on a DUI case, in which I was looking at certain jail time and considerable, monitored probation. With Todd’s help, I was able to avoid jail, my in-house detention was halved and the terms of my probation were relaxed considerably. Todd worked with me, listened to me, didn’t judge, and had a sense of humor.”


Divorce & Family Law

"...Todd represented me in court to stand in for Doug. Todd was prepared, highly experienced, and had a calm demeanor, but don't let that fool you - he was assertive in court! Doug's paralegal Bonnie is meticulous, detail oriented, prompt, professional, and compassionate. She is an excellent communicator and continuously ensured that Doug and I were on the same page, and that we never missed a deadline - she is invaluable to this office! Doug can be a zealous warrior for your case when needed, but also knows when to dial back and tread lightly. In court, Doug was always sharp, knowing the facts of my case, which helped him to frequently reveal other parties dishonesty and ineffectiveness. Doug was open minded to new ideas whenever we needed to discuss case strategy, but would speak up and be a true leader on my case when needed for a successful outcome. Doug was innovative, attentive, passionate, and on the ball throughout my case. I plan to continue to utilize Doug for any future legal needs, and I will continue to recommend him to friends, family, and colleagues. I'm confident that he was the right choice for my case, and will be the right choice for your case too!"


"Douglas Cohen helped me with my divorce that was very complicated when my original lawyer had made me lose all hope of a fair outcome. Mr Cohen did a great job easing my mind and was great at keeping me informed with my case. I never had to reach out to him, he always reached out to me first. That is rare in a lawyer in my experience."


“I am a divorced father of one. Attorney Todd Narum helped me to obtain the vast majority of parenting time in my child custody legal matter. Please be advised that if you are in need of a good family attorney, you cannot possibly find better than Mr. Narum. He learned my case and everything even remotely pertinent to it inside and out. He is professional, knowledgeable, hard-working, and he has a great “bedside manner,” utilizing his great sense of humor to help ease his clients through the toughest, the most stressful, and the most trying times of their lives. Most importantly, he is a great listener. He will listen to your concerns and he will address them. I am forever grateful to Mr. Narum and also to Bonnie Smith, Peak Legal Services’ paralegal, for their work on my case. I highly recommend this legal team to everyone in need.”


“Our family needed some legal advice after the court gave us legal guardianship of our two beautiful foster children. We were in a very stressful legal situation as guardians and Doug helped us land with the best possible outcome. He was quick to respond to our questions and gave us the exact information we needed to proceed and end up with a positive resolution in our case. We are so thankful for Doug’s legal advice and can’t thank him enough for helping us through a stressful time in our journey with our children.”


“I employed attorney Todd Narum to represent me in a parental responsibilities and parenting time case. I was immediately impressed by the professionalism and understanding that Mr. Narum and his associates brought to my case. Given the nature of my situation, I was both frightened and confused by the legal process. Mr. Narum took time to fully understand my circumstances and my wishes. The law and process were clearly explained to me and I felt empowered and confident about moving forward. Mr. Narum communicated with me regularly so I was always well prepared for each step in the process. He was a consistent source of knowledge and integrity, allowing me to close my case knowing I had done the best for my family.”


Criminal Defense

“Douglas T. Cohen is a consummate professional whose relentless and unflinching pursuit of justice resulted in the dismissal of first-degree murder charges that were filed against my relative. Doug used his superior knowledge of legal theory and his extensive experience in judicial and legal arenas to mitigate the enormous barriers that might have otherwise resulted in my relative’s wrongful conviction.”


“Doug was incredibly dedicated to seeking swift resolution in the first-degree murder case I hired him for and he worked tirelessly to address my family’s legal needs and well-being. He worked closely with us to ensure we stayed informed and fully understood the legal process and court proceedings. In addition, Doug’s staff was extremely dedicated and professional. Doug was always available to both the incarcerated person and the family members, he was easy to reach, and he gave our case his full attention. Due to Doug’s superior criminal law defense the first-degree murder charges were dismissed and the criminal records were sealed.”


“If you need a knowledgeable and thorough criminal defense lawyer to defend you or your loved ones then Doug is your man! I hired Doug to represent a close family member. Doug is absolutely a phenomenal criminal defense lawyer. He immediately jumped at the chance to go to his defense, did his own personal thorough assessment and investigation of the situation, and put together the best defense team of professionals who were perfectly suited to defend his case. This family member was charged with first-degree murder despite strong evidence that he did not commit any crime. Because of Doug’s due diligence he was able to get all charges dropped, the case dismissed, and the records sealed, which is not a common occurrence in the industry, especially for a man of color. If I had to personally have someone defend me in and out of court then I would definitely contact Doug. There is no one else that I would trust to represent me!”


“I hired Doug to represent me in a very serious case. I was charged with felony menacing with a firearm and third-degree assault in Jefferson County after an argument with a family member that led to him attacking me and a firearm was presented. I was locked up in the county jail for what felt like the longest several days of my life. I became distraught and depressed. I believed my life was ruined and I sunk to one of the lowest points I’ve ever been at in my life. Doug was always honest and upfront with me, even if I occasionally didn’t take the news well. He was very reachable, at many points calling me multiple times a day to address the numerous questions I had. Doug even pulled some strings to make sure I was able to leave the country for a trip I had planned previously while my case was pending. He put together a thorough mitigation package and in the end got me a deal with the DA which included a plea to misdemeanor third-degree assault, no felony, no jail time (of which I was frankly terrified), and two years of probation. I will forever be grateful to Mr. Cohen. He saved me, and he can save you too.


Child Abuse/Domestic Violence

“I hired Doug Cohen after I was charged with domestic violence and third-degree assault. A Child Protection Services (CPS) agent intimidated me and my family with his aggressive involvement. With Doug’s help, I received a deferred sentence for my criminal case and was given probation. In response to Doug’s representation, the CPS agent calmed down, eventually resigning his involvement and closing his case. Doug was generous with his time, exacting with his explanations, and responsive to my sense of urgency. Doug’s expertise helped allay my fear of the unknown and provided a sense of security in an otherwise insecure time.”


“I had a legal issue involving a child abuse charge. After meeting with Doug, I retained his services for both the criminal case, and the child services case that was also opened as a result of the criminal charge. Doug was forthright about the process, and sincerely concerned about me and my family. He was able to get the charges dismissed and ensure that child services closed their case without any issues as well.

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