Cheyenne Criminal Defense Attorney

You can secure professional legal help handling criminal charges in Cheyenne by reaching out to Peak Legal Services. A Cheyenne criminal defense attorney can step in to help if you face charges for an infraction, misdemeanor, or even a felony.

You can seek assistance from our law firm today when you reach out to us at (307) 274-4750.

Our Legal Team Can Fight for You

Here at Peak Legal Services, we take all criminal charges issued in Cheyenne, Wyoming, seriously. You can speak with us to hire a lawyer as a specialist to deal with:


Infractions represent minor criminal offenses in Cheyenne. Police officers may charge people with an infraction for speeding, for example. Infractions may lead to fines in many situations instead of time behind bars.


Misdemeanor charges come with more severe penalties than an infraction. In many cases, misdemeanor charges apply to acts like theft or breaking and entering. These charges can lead to fines and jail time.


Finally, felonies represent the criminal acts with the highest level of severity in the state of Wyoming. A Cheyenne criminal defense attorney can help if you face criminal charges in either the state or the federal court system. Allow us to focus on your unique allegations to develop a defense that can work for you.

We Understand Criminal Charges in Cheyenne

You can face a wide range of criminal accusations after an arrest in Cheyenne. A criminal defense lawyer can step in to assist if you face charges for a:

  • Theft crime
  • Sex crime
  • Drug crime
  • Violent crime
  • Property crime
  • White-collar crime

Members of our team have decades of experience handling charges like burglary, assault, or battery. However, we don’t ignore the unique aspects of your case by comparing it to other situations. Instead, we adapt our experience to develop a personalized defense designed to meet your needs.

You can even contact us if you face charges for driving under the influence (DUI) in Cheyenne. Our DUI lawyers can take control of all aspects of your case.

Know Your Rights After an Arrest in Cheyenne

An arrest does not negate your legal rights. You still have protections under the Constitution, and a Cheyenne criminal defense attorney can help you become familiar with them.

Right to Remain Silent

The Constitution grants you the right to remain silent after an arrest. This means you can politely decline to answer questions from either prosecutors or police officers. In many situations, it’s recommended that you refuse to answer questions about your charges.

Police officers can take the things you say and later may use your statements against you. Protect your defense by remaining silent after an arrest.

Right to Legal Representation

You also have the right to legal representation as granted by our Constitution, meaning you can request legal aid after an arrest. You may hire a private defense attorney here in Cheyenne. You may also choose to work with a public defender.

Your lawyer focuses on your protection after an arrest. Make sure you request a phone call to contact a lawyer after your arrest to secure legal assistance quickly.

We Resolve Criminal Charges in Cheyenne

You have options to handle a criminal accusation in Cheyenne. Our team can review your specific charges before offering you guidance on the steps to address your situation.

In some cases, we focus on having criminal charges dismissed. You face no penalties if the court dismisses your charges, allowing you to move on with your life. We can review any plea bargains offered by the prosecution.

Plea bargains represent deals that allow you to reduce the penalties for a criminal offense. However, these deals may go against your interests in some situations. Allow us to look over any plea bargain you receive before you agree to the terms of the arrangement.

You can also rely on us if your case goes to court. We can represent your interests in front of a judge and jury. Our team knows the strategies used by prosecutors, and we can plan counterarguments on your behalf.

Speak to Us for Legal Help in Cheyenne

Are you facing criminal charges in Cheyenne? You can start working on your case today with a Cheyenne criminal defense attorney from Peak Legal Services. We take on state and federal charges and always focus on putting our clients first. Find out more about how we can help you today by calling (307) 274-4750.


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