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Adult and Juvenile Criminal Defense Lawyers

Adult Criminal Defense

At Peak Legal LLC, we zealously defend the rights of our clients in all felonies, misdemeanors, sex offenses, internet crimes, domestic violenceassaults, DUI/DUID, property crimes, white collar crimes and municipal violations. While many criminal defense attorneys do not try violent crimessex offenses, and child abuse cases because of the complexity and high stakes involved, we will not shy away. These are the cases in which clients need our help the most.

Peak Legal LLC has one of the strongest criminal defense teams in the state.

Douglas T. Cohen served the People of the State of Colorado as lead prosecutor on the most complex of criminal cases including homicidessexual assaultschild abusedomestic violence, and drug distribution. He knows how police and prosecutors think and how to prepare a persuasive defense.

Todd Narum is a longtime criminal defense attorney who has tried numerous felony and misdemeanor cases. He knows how to strategically pick his battles and go the distance in court. He is skilled at engaging jurors and commanding a courtroom. He knows what to expect from the government in court and how to best counter its case.

Peak Legal LLC has handled many cases that carry the potential of lifetime sentences. We have questioned thousands of witnesses, persuaded juries in hard fought court battles, and built credibility with judges and court staff. The lawyers at Peak Legal LLC will work with you to form a clear and specific strategy, often starting with trying to persuade the government not to file charges or to file lesser charges before you are arrested. This can mean the difference between a life sentence and a limited sentence, prison and probation, or an arrest versus total freedom.

Did you know that a district attorney’s decision to file a 1st-degree Murder versus a lesser homicide charge means the difference between life in prison without parole and a potential for probation? Yet the government often struggles with this filing decision during the critical days after you are initially a suspect. DO NOT WAIT! Consult the experienced attorneys at Peak Legal LLC as soon as you are under investigation.

Juvenile Criminal Defense

Douglas T. Cohen previously served as a state appointed guardian ad litem in juvenile delinquency cases, in which children are charged with crimes just like adults, but face very different and daunting outcomes under the Colorado Children’s Code. Convictions for some of these crimes, such as sex offenses, can result in sentences to prisons (known as youth corrections), lifelong stigmas, and the inability to live at home.

A child wrapped up in the court system needs the experienced attorneys at Peak Legal LLC. We can calmly and steadily guide the child through the laws and protect his or her rights. The best approach in a juvenile criminal case is to obtain counsel from Peak Legal LLC in the investigative stages, before a child is arrested. If a case has already been filed, it is imperative that you obtain legal representation from Peak Legal LLC immediately.

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