Happy Friday, everyone. Douglas Cohen here from Peak Legal Services, LLC outside the Douglas County Courthouse. I’m here on a DUI case and I just want to touch base really quickly about those types of cases. Lots of times, our job as defense attorneys is to fight legal issues like blood tests, breath tests, roadsides, etc. But there’s also often a mental health component in these cases that goes untouched or unrecognized. My job as a defense attorney is to try to bring those issue to light to the District Attorney. I have one of those cases right now and I’m working very hard on it. My client is working very hard to get to the root cause of his issues and his drinking and driving problem. So it’s a mental health issue, a societal issue, as well as a community safety issue and a client safety issue. These cases are very important to us at Peak Legal Services, LLC and we look forward to helping you on such a case if you have one or know someone who has one. If you need help in criminal defense or family law, we are here and available to listen and help you. Call us at (720) 445-9779 or visit us online at www.peaklegalllc.com.