Denver Murder Case Dismissed!

Denver Murder Case Dismissed!

Good afternoon, everybody, this is Douglas Cohen from Peak Legal Services, LLC here in Denver, Colorado.

It was a big, big week for the firm and a couple of our clients: we resolved two homicide cases this week.

I am happy to report one of the cases was completely dismissed, 100%. Our client is free and will have no criminal history whatsoever. I am so excited for him! He’s such a wonderful young gentleman. It was a hard-fought case over the last several months.

Thankfully, we did a thorough investigation with the assistance of Tony DiVirgilio and his team at Investigative Resources and our legal team and we got the District Attorney to listen to our case presentation even without going to trial. They agreed that the case should not be prosecuted, to their credit. So our client is a free man today and I’m so excited.

The second case was also a first-degree murder case in another Denver Metro area county. It did not resolve with a dismissal but we were able to save our client from a life sentence or the equivalent of a life sentence in prison by negotiating a plea after 18 months of such diligent, hard work.

When we had not gotten that plea deal before, we retained a bunch of experts, we did a ton of due diligence and investigation and motions, and we were able to get the case probably where it should be. Although our client has a long haul in front of him, we are really proud that we were able to save his life. No one should spend that much time in prison for that type of case.

I’m very proud of the work we did. It was an emotional roller coaster, but a great week all around.

If you need help with criminal defense or family law, give me a call at (720) 445-9779. You can also reach my partner, Todd Narum at that number. He is an excellent family law and criminal defense attorney as well.

We wish you the best and have a great weekend with your families.

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