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Adams County: Murder Charge Reduced, Great Result in Domestic Violence Case (May 2016)

Posted by Doug, May 18, 2016
Good afternoon, everyone. It’s Douglas Cohen from Peak Legal Services, LLC.

Even though it’s Friday the 13th, it’s a good day for a client of mine who was facing homicide charges and the filing came in at a much lower level with a tampering charge. I’m really excited for my client. It helped that there was some really good communication with the DA on this one and that they did the right thing and did not overcharge the case. We appreciate that.

Then, just a few days ago here, a client of mine with a domestic violence charge that we’ve been fighting for a year, got it reduced all the way down to a deferred judgment sentence and then reduced even further to six months. When that deferred is over, he will be able to seal up the case and not have a criminal record.

Although it’s Friday the 13th, it was a good day all around!

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