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Adams County Juvenile Sex Offense Hearing Win (March 2017)

Posted by Doug, March 17, 2017
Good afternoon everyone. Douglas Cohen with Peak Legal Services LLC. It’s been a long time since I’ve done one of these videos. I’ve been so busy helping clients out with their cases that I just kind of fell off the video trail.

I’m happy to report today that I went to preliminary hearing on a very serious class three felony case for a juvenile who is just a great kid and really, in my impression, way overcharged in this case by the district attorney’s office.

We went to hearing because sometimes you have to tee things up. You can try and negotiate things the best you can but if the DA is not listening, you just have to tee it up. And the case got reduced down to a class one misdemeanor instead of a class three felony just by going to preliminary hearing. Great result for my client.

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