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We understand how stressful, emotional, and life-changing a divorce can be. Major decisions will be made regarding your children, your assets, your home, your property, and your retirement.

Attorneys Todd J. Narum and Douglas T. Cohen are here to answer any question you may have regarding divorce, legal separation, allocation of parental responsibilities, and dissolution of same-sex marriages and civil unions.

The process of ending a marriage often features a lot of emotion and legal complications. Our team at Peak Legal Services can step in to support you throughout your divorce proceedings. A Denver divorce attorney can guide you through all aspects of your divorce, including:

  • Spousal maintenance laws
  • Division of property
  • Child support and child custody

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Spousal Maintenance Laws in Denver

Spousal maintenance – better known as alimony – represents any financial payments made by one partner to another after the dissolution of a marriage. If you had a pre or post-nuptial agreement dictating the terms of alimony, resolving this payment amount may be very simple.

However, many people in Denver do not write a prenup before their weddings. Without a set agreement, determining alimony amounts may become a complicated part of the divorce process. We protect your rights during alimony discussions.

The court generally dictates the amount of alimony individuals have to pay if they do not have a previous arrangement. The court looks at:

  • The income levels of each spouse
  • The financial situation of each spouse
  • The length of the marriage

Generally, the court system awards more alimony for longer marriages. In fact, individuals married under three years may receive no alimony at all upon the dissolution of their marriage.

Division of Property in a Denver Divorce

Married couples often acquire many possessions that they share. In the event of a divorce, these possessions must be divided up. You may divide your property with a Denver divorce attorney if you have an uncontested divorce.

However, during a contested divorce, the court system can become involved in the division. The court focuses on “marital” property, which represents items that you acquired over the course of your marriage.

You may also have “separate” property. Separate property includes things you owned before you got married and some pieces of property you may have acquired during your marriage. Gifts and inheritances still count as separate property, even if you got them while married.

Note that a prenuptial agreement may also come into play when assessing the division of property. We offer legal services to help you divide any assets associated with your marriage fairly.

Child Custody and Child Support in Denver

 In many cases, divorce becomes more complicated when children become involved. A Denver divorce attorney can walk you through the steps in determining:

Child Custody

Child custody decisions deal with parenting time and the authority to make decisions about your child after a divorce. Some parents handle child custody decisions on their own. However, in some cases, you may not agree with your previous spouse regarding the treatment of your children.

In this situation, the family court system steps in to make decisions. Our experience with family law practice areas allows us to help you during child custody hearings. Members of our team can submit your arguments to the court.

Child Support

Often, child support and child custody decisions align closely. In many cases, the court holds both parents financially responsible for any children. Furthermore, pre and post-nuptial agreements do not apply to decisions regarding child support.

Some parents believe that child support depends upon the division of child custody. However, this is not always the case. The court may assign child support payments even if parents split child custody evenly. When determining child support payments, the court looks at:

  • How many children a couple has
  • The division of parenting time
  • How much each parent earns

The court system can also focus on the current costs to raise children. All these factors impact the final decision the court makes regarding child support. Keep in mind that child support decisions may change post-decree.

A Denver divorce attorney can petition the court to adjust your child support payments if your financial situation changes or other modifications become necessary. We take your side during these proceedings and always focus on protecting your rights. You can learn more by contacting us.

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