I hired Doug Cohen to defend me for a DUI. He immediately made himself available for my questions even though it happened to be a Sunday. He provided me with a plan to start building my case and walked me through what I could expect through the different stages of the process. A DUI is taken very seriously in Colorado and having someone like Doug take the time to help me navigate the way the system works was a huge stress reliever in a very stressful process. There is a ton of paper work to dig through to try to understand and doing this without the help of a lawyer would have certainly led to me making mistakes and not having the best chance for a positive outcome. I immediately started group classes, gathered character letters from friends and family, started voluntary urinary analysis 3 times a week, did community service at a thrift store, and attended a victim impact panel. Doug helped me find the places to do these things which is actually a bit harder than you may expect. Our plan was to do as much as would could before court to help get a favorable view from the judge. It was tedious and hard but it was ultimately very helpful. He made sure to call me once a week or so to be sure I was staying on top of everything and see what questions I may have. This was very much appreciated. I was pulled over for running a red light at what is a major Denver intersection. My 71 year old mother who was visiting from out of town was in the front seat. Doug went to the scene a few days later and saw there was a halo camera above the intersection that would have captured this alleged running of a red light. He worked to get this footage and the footage from the officer’s body cam. It took quite a while and many times of being “no, the footage doesn’t exist.” Doug persisted and eventually we received only the body cam footage. This footage showed that I was clearly through the light while it was still yellow which is why I’m guessing the intersection halo cam never triggered and took video. There was also an issue with my breathalyzer test not starting at zero which Doug found. He was able to get a copy of this as well which we used in court as part of our argument. I would have had no idea how to get either of these key pieces of evidence if I hadn’t hired a lawyer. A third part of our argument was the site where I took my roadside exam. Doug noticed that the sidewalk was uneven and a tree root was pushing up parts of the sidewalk. We had pictures of this to show the judge which Doug went and took. There is a very strict procedure and order in which a roadside must be administered. Doug carefully watched the video of mine and the way the officer administered this and crossed referenced this with the letter of the law as laid out in the written state law. He pointed out several inconsistencies with the actual written law and what the officer did. He laid this all out very clearly in court for the judge to analyze. Those 4 different items were the crux of our argument even though there were also a handful of other pieces to his argument. A poor place for me to do roadsides, a breathalyzer not starting at zero, inconsistencies with the way the roadside was administered, and most importantly, no legal reason for a stop. Doug clearly broke down my stop with 8×10 still images of the body cam. Each were 1 second apart showing me approach and go through the intersection. The last 2 were the most important as they showed me through the light with it still being yellow. Case dismissed! It was impressive to watch this man at his craft. He was prepared, respectful, and damn smart. Watching him cross examine the officer who pulled me over is honestly one of the great joys of my life. We are so vulnerable to law enforcement and having the opportunity to see the playing field leveled was incredibly vindicating. The man was squirming on the stand and very uncomfortable to have his immense power being questioned. Great job Doug and thanks!”

“Doug was the assistant DA for our case in Jefferson County Colorado and there could not have been a better attorney. Doug was truly our grand children’s advocate. He was very methodical and thorough and came up with a solid strategy. Doug is solid in court and the results show the amount of time and effort he puts into a case. My wife and I are impressed with how professional, knowledgeable, detail-oriented, sensitive and thorough he was!!! It’s not exaggerated to say that Doug Cohen can be a game changer in the cases he takes on.”
– David

“Douglas was very helpful and knowledgeable! He gave an honest respond to the situation we had and got us ready for what was coming. He is always available, even after hours! We are very happy we got to work with Douglas!”
– Kate

“In search of quick but thorough advise from an attorney who knows the ropes, we were fortunate enough to work with Doug Cohen. Doug is an excellent communicator, easy to reach, personable, and most importantly – he is experienced. Within hours of contacting Doug, we were armed with the legal advise we needed. I highly recommend Doug to anyone in search of criminal defense legal advise or counsel.”
– Mike


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