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Robbery and Child Custody Case Resolved in Colorado Springs (March 2018)

Posted by Doug, May 21, 2018
Good afternoon, everyone. This is Douglas Cohen here from Peak Legal Services, LLC. I’m down in Colorado Springs on a beautiful, sunny day.

I’m happy to report that I had two cases here: one civil dependency and neglect case and one very serious felony robbery case. Both cases had incredibly good results.

In the robbery case, my client was facing 20 to 64 years in prison. But after educating the DA and the court on my client’s involvement or really, minimal involvement in this, and also his very long and difficult life history, he got a very, very reduced sentence. He should be out and home with family in a couple of years instead of almost life in prison.

In the other case, the dependency and neglect case, a very deserving mother of three beautiful young children was able to get her kids back today with the dependency and neglect case closed entirely with no further orders against her. I’m very proud of her.

If you need help in civil or criminal matters, especially in dependency and neglect and family law and criminal defense, call us at (720) 445-9779.

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