“Efficient and easy to work with. Doug Cohen did all he had to do to make sure justice was served; including driving after hours to obtain important testimony. Like this guy, wish we had met under different circumstances. Would highly recommend him!”


“Todd Narum represented me on a DUI case, in which I was looking at certain jail time and considerable, monitored probation.

With Todd’s help, I was able to avoid jail, my in-house detention was halved and the terms of my probation were relaxed considerably.

Todd worked with me, listened to me, didn’t judge, and had a sense of humor. I would recommend Todd Narum to anybody looking for a good trial attorney, and I will be working with him again, if need be.”


“Doug was efficient, smart and strong. He is an excellent advocate and adviser.”


“Todd is knowledgeable and experienced while being very easy to talk to. He listens and set me at ease. I trust his expertise and advice. His knowledge of the law and understanding of my situation allows me relax and not worry because he is taking care of it.”


“I hired Doug to assist me with a felony DV case. This case turned my life upside down. Doug was instrumental in helping me reach a positive outcome via a plea deal. He was able to quickly assess the evidence and, while it may not have been the anwser I was looking for, able to coach me through options.”


“Todd helped me avoid pitfalls in my criminal case that I didn’t even know existed. His calm demeanor was comforting in a tough situation.”


“Doug is a top notch criminal attorney in all respects. He is very experienced, knowledgeable and effective. From the day I retained Doug through to the resolution of the case, I was 100% confident my case was in excellent hands. Doug provides clear and sound advice and confident advice and direction. He obtained the best results possible under the law in my case, and I am very grateful. If you need an attorney who knows the ins and outs of criminal law and has the first hand experience to navigate effectively in the criminal arena, hiring doug will guarantee you top notch legal representation and advocacy.”


“Todd is very intelligent and trustworthy. He has given me some terrific advise and helped me through my troubles. If you want somebody that is very knowledgeable with the law and will fight for you until the end, Todd is your guy.”


“Doug reviewed my existing parenting plan, and then I met with he and Todd to discuss whether or not I needed to file for a new parenting plan agreement. My ex and I have a very untraditional parenting plan that was agreed upon at the time of our divorce, but we have been operating outside of the current legal plan. I needed advice on what is the wisest and best way for me to move forward as I make some significant decisions for my future and my children’s futures. Doug and Todd talked through all the angles with me. Several possibilities they brought to my attention I would never have been aware of without their counsel. They helped me make what I believe to be the best informed decision for myself and my kids at this time. If I do end up needing to settle future parenting issues with my ex in court, I will definitely be retaining Doug’s services.”


“Todd Narum is competent, friendly and experienced. If you, or someone you know, needs the services of an attorney, I highly recommend consulting with Todd.”


“Douglas was very helpful and knowledgeable! He gave an honest respond to the situation we had and got us ready for what was coming. He is always available, even after hours! We are very happy we got to work with Douglas!”


“Todd was absolutely awesome in helping us out of a bad situation. He went above and beyond to help win our court case. In addition to a positive resolution of court proceedings he was also a steady rock that helped us hold things together. I would highly recommend him and use his services again. Should the need arise. Hands down the best legal defense I’ve ever seen”


“Mr. Doug Cohen did an outstanding job on this case. He seemed to really care about the case and we ended up with the best outcome possible. He was consistent with his communication with us and never put us off. Highly recommend Mr. Cohen if you are lucky enough to get him to represent you.”


“Todd really cares about his clients! He researches/reviews his cases and knows the laws to help you get a good outcome. He gives direction on what he feels the outcome will be and helps you to understand your options. We hired Todd and could not be more pleased with the end results of the case we hired him for!”


“Mr. Cohen did a great job of counseling me in what actions I should take to receive the best results. I followed them and got a good deal in the end.”


“Todd was always professional. Responded to emails or phone calls same day or in a reasonable time. Everything I asked for he was always willing to fight for me as his client.”


“In search of quick but thorough advise from an attorney who knows the ropes, we were fortunate enough to work with Doug Cohen. Doug is an excellent communicator, easy to reach, personable, and most importantly – he is experienced. Within hours of contacting Doug, we were armed with the legal advise we needed. I highly recommend Doug to anyone in search of criminal defense legal advise or counsel.”