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Denver DUI Dismissed, Sex Assault Not Guilty Verdict (May 2018)

Posted by Doug, May 9, 2018
Good afternoon, everybody! Douglas Cohen with Peak Legal Services LLC atop of the parking garage by the Denver District Court. It’s a beautiful afternoon in sunny Colorado. I’m happy to report two great outcomes for our clients in the past week.

One, a DUI case totally dismissed at motions after we were able to show the police officer had no reasonable suspicion to stop our client. I am extremely excited for my client – he’s a father, he’s a great guy, he’s not a drinker, and he was stopped inappropriately. It was a great outcome. I’m glad the judge listened to the evidence and took it into account.

The other one is a very serious felony matter where my client is looking at up to lifetime in prison. We got a not guilty verdict on a couple of counts and a mistrial on some other counts.

Now it’s up to the DA to decide if they are going to retry some of those counts but a partial not guilty verdict and even a hung jury in a case like this is extremely rare. Kudos to my client and all the hard work of my team.

If you need legal help in civil or criminal matters call Peak Legal Services LLC at (720) 445-9779. Have a great day!

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