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Denver Criminal Harassment Case Dismissed (July 2018)

Posted by Doug, July 7, 2018
Good morning, everyone. Douglas Cohen here from Peak Legal Services, LLC on Friday, July 20th on top of the parking garage at the Denver courthouse with the beautiful Denver downtown in the background there.

I’m happy to report that we just got a case dismissed that was filed against our client. We convinced the assistant city attorney that it was really a civil dispute and not a criminal matter. It was a rather minor case, but a big case to our client because all cases that our clients are involved in are very important to them and they are extremely important to us. We were able to save our client a lot of aggravation, time, money, and a potential criminal record.

We handle all sorts of cases from these smaller ones all the way up to homicides, which I’ll be up in Jefferson County on shortly. I also have a serious felony case that is going to trial here in Denver Court very shortly that is coming back on a retrial after we got have the case dismissed.

Your lives are important to us and your time and money and reputations are important to us here at Peak Legal. If you have any criminal or civil or family law matters, feel free to call us at (720) 445-9779. We are here to listen and help you.

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