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Boulder County Domestic Violence Deferred, DHS Case Dismissed (February 2019)

Posted by Doug, February 22, 2019
Good afternoon, everyone. It’s Doug Cohen with Peak Legal Services, LLC. It’s Friday afternoon, February 22nd.
It’s always nice to get into my car after a meeting on a case where things work out really well for a client.

In this particular case, I’m up in Longmont, Colorado today and a client was facing a domestic violence charge and also a DHS investigation related to that incident. Due to his hard work and desire to make amends and reunite with his family, he is in treatment now. He is working on reunification with his family. There will be no permanent criminal conviction, and we worked it out with DHS where they are not making any findings against him.

Good for him and I’m really happy for his family. They’re a great family and they will be able to get through all this in a positive way, which is what we try to do.

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