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Bonnie M. Smith
(720) 445-9779
Bonnie graduated with a B.A. from Metropolitan State College of Denver and earned her Paralegal Certificate from the Denver Paralegal Institute in 2001. Bonnie has extensive experience in civil and criminal litigation and brings invaluable legal knowledge and skills to Peak Legal LLC.

Due to Bonnie’s legal background, efficiency and excellent work ethic, she is able to assist Peak Legal LLC in providing top-notch legal representation to our clients while keeping paralegal costs reasonable. Her calm, friendly demeanor is welcomed by clients and court staff. She ensures that everyone involved feels well-informed, comfortable, and confident.

Bonnie has specialized in family law since 2002 and also has gained substantial knowledge and training in criminal defense during her tenure at Peak Legal LLC. Her knowledge of the Rules of Civil Procedure and family case law, along with her case experience involving dissolution of marriage, paternity, child support, and parenting time, make her a valuable member of the Peak Legal Services team.

Under direction of the partners, Bonnie processes initial drafts of court documents, including: motions, petitions, discovery requests, Rule 16.2, C.R.C.P. financial disclosures, and child support calculations. She also assists with trial preparation such as subpoenaing, coordinating witnesses, creating exhibits, and preparing trial notebooks.

Bonnie cares about each client and has a heartfelt desire to make the litigation process as easy as possible.
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