Arapahoe County – No Jail Time and Saved Client’s License

Arapahoe County – No Jail Time and Saved Client’s License

Happy Friday, everyone! Douglas Cohen from Peak Legal Services, LLC here. It’s Friday, May 1st and the weather has finally cleared up in Colorado after a week of rain and snow.

I had a really good outcome today I want to share with you on a misdemeanor traffic case where my client was facing the loss of his license. He went through a really difficult, rough spot in his life and got into an accident outside of his job and caused some damage. He then ended up having a concussion. The whole thing cascaded down and he ended up with a criminal case here in Arapahoe County Court.

But I talked to the DA and explained the entire situation. I was able to convince the DA and the judge to give my client a resolution that allowed my client to keep his license with a very minor traffic infraction and not face any fines. This gives my client a chance to move on with his career, move on with his personal life, and I’m really happy. He’s a really great guy and has no other prior history.

It was a good outcome for him and for Peak Legal Services.

If you need help in criminal defense or family law, we are here and available to listen and help you.

Call us at (720) 445-9779. Have a great weekend!

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